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Rawhide Mechanical Inc. is your complete plumbing contractor, from Installation of Standard Fixtures, Emergency Eye Wash Stations and Drinking Fountains to Medical Gas Systems.

Drinking Fountains Drinking Fountain and Bottle Refill Emergency Shower

Plumbing Piping

Rawhide Mechanical Inc., specializes in various piping types and systems. We have Certifications in Medical Gas Piping, Aqua-Therm Systems, Poly-Fusion Piping, Teflon Piping, Radiant in Floor Piping, Hydronic Piping and all Common Plumbing Pipings Systems.

Radiant In Floor Heat PipingIn Floor Radiant Heat Piping

Hydronic PipingHydronic Piping

Aqua Therm Piping System Aqua Therm Piping System

Steel Pipe Steel Pipe

Poly Fusion Pipe


Domestic Water Piping

Domestic Water Piping

Waste Water Treatment Piping System

Waste Water Treatment Piping System

Rooftop Piping System for Heat

Rooftop Piping System for Heat